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Kristo’s Hands and Feet connects with people on their turf, in their neighborhood, in their homes.
You might say we always play “on the road.” We cannot always ask people to come to us. Rather,
we go to them and hang out. We spend time with them. We get to know what life is like in their world. By meeting them on their terms and building a relationship, we can be the church to them.

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There are times that we need to go “on the road,” out of our home, church or neighborhood to help people follow Christ. Just as Jesus came into our world and hung out with the people, so we must enter into the world of others, build a relationship and point them towards Jesus.

Our goal is to address the needs of the youth, families, and individuals of the Fairfield Elementary School community through fellowship, service, and sharing Christ’s love in worship.

Watch the following videos to see what we are doing around the community!

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Kristos video 1

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