Kristo’s is a diverse community of people that desire to love and support each other, the way that Jesus Christ loves us. We offer a safe, loving, welcoming space for people to gather – to celebrate who they are and grow together. We all suffer from brokenness in different ways: addiction, divorce, financial struggles, relationships – and that’s ok. That’s life. Together, we can celebrate recovery from brokenness and share the love of Christ with each other and our neighbors. Together, we can offer ourselves in love and service to all people and make a difference in each other’s lives.


In 2009, Saint Joseph United Methodist Church partnered with the Associated Churches Rising Stars program to support Fairfield Elementary School. Through tutoring, service days and prayer, the church developed a connection to the Fairfield community – and felt a calling to do more for the children and parents of the area.

In 2012, Kristo’s Hands and Feet was created, with the intent to eventually form a new community of faith in the 46807 area. Unlike traditional church startups that start with a building and staff, Kristo’s focuses on the people of the community. Together, through a shared journey, we’re building something great that will honor God and impact the next generation.

Where’s Your Church?
You’re standing in it! We hold monthly events outdoors during the summer and at the Boys and Girls Club in the winter. We provide an opportunity for families and neighbors to share a meal together, play games, sit and talk, and win prizes. We have small groups forming that offer a chance to support each other in a more personal setting. In the future, we hope to gather together in worship. We also have a focus to partner with many of the great organizations in the area, to help them address specific needs and continue to do good work.

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